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Flavors of Peri Peri: A Culinary Journey

Experience the pinnacle of freshness and taste at “Flavors of Peri Peri” with our all-natural, vegetarian-fed chicken that is injected with our proprietary marinade right after the chicken is hand-slaughtered, ensuring the utmost tenderness and taste. Every order is prepared with care as we make everything fresh upon your request. We believe in Grill-to-table. Our secret Peri Peri sauces, crafted from African bird’s eye chilies, fresh herbs, and spices, add a unique zing to your meal. Indulge worry-free, as our sauces are suitable for all, being free of nuts, gluten, and MSG. The best part is you get to decide “How hot you can handle”, so it is not just about spicy, it’s all about flavor.

Small bites

Savor our delightful quick bites that are perfect for keeping your taste buds satisfied while you eagerly await our flavorful mains!

Signature Chicken (GF)

Savor our delightful quick bites that are perfect for keeping your taste buds satisfied while you eagerly await our flavorful mains!

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Specialties (GF)

Indulge in our exquisite Specialties category, featuring succulent Lamb Chops and tantalizing Beef Ribs. Savor the tender perfection of our Lamb Chops, infused with a delightful Peri Peri twist. Experience the slow-cooked tenderness of our Beef Ribs, marinated, grilled, and expertly sauced with our signature Peri Peri blend. Treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience with our Specialties that showcase the very best of flavor and quality.


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Indulge in shared feasts with our PLATTERS—perfectly curated combinations that bring together bold flavors and abundant portions for unforgettable dining experiences.


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